Dozens of houses inundated in Biratnagar, Saptari

BHOJPUR/RAJBIRAJ: Dozens of houses in Morang and Saptari have been inundated following the incessant rainfall.

The houses in Biratnagar Sub-Metropolitan City-22 were inundated as the settlement lacked proper outlet for water, on Saturday. Consequently, the Mulgate-Rani road section has been covered with as thick as two-foot floodwater.

The outlet was blocked as the road expansion and drainage construction had been underway in the major trade hub of eastern Nepal.

Locals of the area have said that this morning’s rain was the heaviest they have received this year.

Normal life of people has been affected as they are barred from getting out of their house.

Even the bus park and the Biratnagar Airport here have been waterlogged because of the downpour.

Meanwhile, over 60 houses in six VDCs of Saptari district have been inundated by floods induced by the relentless rainfall in over the past few days.

It has been learned that more than 50 families are on the brink of being displaced in the district due to the floods.

At least 36 houses were inundated in the district headquarters Rajbiraj whereas in the Saptakoshi Municipality, 24 houses were inundated.

The floods have swept away embankments along Chapin, Kajauli, Sundari and Amaha rivers including some of the roads built by the Department of Water-Induced Disaster Prevention.

Burgeoning cases of snakebite have emerged in the region with floods.

According to a senior official of Gajendra Narayan Singh Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital, "The snakebite cases have increased as up to 10 patients a day visit the hospital."

The floods have inundated Rajbiraj-Kanauli road section, obstructing transportation over the past three days.

According to the locals, people had to find shelters in neighbourhood as the floodwater entered their residences.