KATHMANDU:  Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Sujata Koirala today lauded the support extended by the United Nations in the country's ongoing peace process. She also acknowledged  the role of various UN agencies in developmental works here.
The DPM was addressing a talk programme organised by United Nations Association of Nepal. The DPM opined that the UN ought to be more effective and efficient in the coming days. "Nepal has maintained active and constructive engagements since it became the member of the UN," she said.
Meanwhile, former assistant Secretary General, UN,  Kul Chandra Gautam, called for Nepal's proactive role in the UN. "There are many areas where Nepal can take the leadership role," he said. Presidency of the UN General Assembly, international peacekeeping missions, heads of different governing bodies and opportunities for the Nepalese in the UN system were some of the possible areas, according to Gautam.
He, however, maintained that Nepal was not putting forth the economic agendas strongly in the international forums. "Economic issue should get priority for peace and development," he added.