Dr Mahat tells Maoists to shun protests

POKHARA: Nepali Congress leader Dr Ram Sharan Mahat today said the slated agitation by the Unified CPN-Maoist would not be able to topple the incumbent government.

Talking to journalists at a programme organised by Kaski chapter of Nepal Tarun Dal here, Dr Mahat said, "If such an agitation could do so, it would topple the government earlier."

Dr Mahat instead challenged the Maoists to garner majority in parliament if they wanted to lead the government.

He, however, reiterated that there was no option than forging consensus among the political actors to end the political deadlock. "Not the agitation, but the Maoists have to search solution through constitutional means or dialogues."

The Maoists should be active in statute drafting and the peace process, he advised. He also chastised them for disrupting the House with issues of no significance for the past three months.

Stating that the budget could be passed through ordinance if the House failed to resume, he urged CA Chairman to exercise such rights.

Dr Mahat also came down heavily on the Maoists saying that they were yet to accommodate to the peaceful politics, but still continuing killing, looting, seizing land and beating people. He also argued that the disqualified PLA fighters in the UN-monitored cantonments, had to leave the camps four years earlier.