Dream of foreign employment costs Nawalparasi man Rs 400,000 with no return

NAWALPARASI: Like any other youth, Indra Bahadur Singh Thakuri also dreamed of flying abroad for employment to improve the living standard of his family.

Thakuri, who hails from Hupsekot-2 of Nawalparasi district, therefore, handed Rs 400,000 to an agent named Durga Bahadur Thapa two years ago. Thapa had promised him of a job in Libya as an electrician.

He, however, did not keep his words.

So Thakuri is now struggling to repay the loan with its interest which he had borrowed to go through all processes to fly to the northern African nation.


The agent was in touch with him for a couple of months, but he is at large now.

Neither does Thakuri have any detail about the agent, who was introduced to him by one of his friends.

The victim later approached the Safe Migration Information and Counselling Centre run by Himalayan Community Development Forum, a local NGO in Kawasawati of the district for help.

The Centre Coordinator Khagraj Gautam said the victim might not get justice as he does not have any contact details of the agent, which may help to book him.

The local NGo has been organising an awareness campaign in every village in the district about the frauds related to foreign employment.