Drinking water woes come to an end in Waling

Waling, June 30

Solar Lifting Drinking Water Project in Waling-4 of Syangja has solved the drinking water problem of villagers.

A total of 36 households are directly benefiting from the project. The project cost Rs 3.6 million. The Finnish and the Nepali governments contributed Rs 1.2 million each to the project, according to Drinking Water Consumer Committee chair Tau Bahadur Gurung.

As part of the project, seven solar panels have been set up to lift water from the source located 88 metres below the village. “We have set up a tank that can store 6,000 litres of water drawn from the source below the village,” Gurung shared, adding, “We have also set up a tank that can store 8,000 litres of water in the village.”

The village is now seeing a daily distribution of water for six hours.