Drought forcing youths to migrate

Bajura, December 6

Nand Kadara from Gotri VDC-2 in Bajura left for India today in search of a job after the protracted drought wilted his paddy crops.

Kadara was hopeful that the paddy crops might feed his family for some months. Unfortunately, the drought forced him to leave the country for the sake of his family’s livelihood.

Gokarna Shahi from Shreekot VDC-2, Mugu, also left for Simle Pahad in India in search of a job. “I am compelled to go to India after my maize and paddy crops wilted due to the prolonged drought,” complained Shahi, adding, “I have to go to India to feed my family members.”

Winter crops have dried in Bajura, Achham, Mugu and Humla districts, while many farmers have left their fields uncultivated due to the drought.

The number of people leaving the country from Jagannath, Sappata, Jukot, Wai and Gotri of Kolti area in Bajura has been increasing each day after their crops wilted due to the drought.

Villages in these areas seem deserted and lifeless after the local youths began migrating to India. Prem Kumal of Gotri, Bajura complained that he was forced to work as a security guard in Mayapuri, India, after the drought destroyed his crops. “I cannot feed the family living in the village as there are no industries.

So, I have to work in India if I’m to feed my family,” Kumal added. Bhumiraj Upadhyay at District Agriculture Development Office, Bajura, said Bajura was most likely to face acute shortage of food due to the protracted drought.

“If efforts are not made to bring in relief materials, Bajura will face acute food shortage,” he added.