Drought taking toll on vegetable production

Lamjung, May 4        

Prolonged drought is sure to cause a decline in crop production in Lamjung this year.

Cardamom and maize, among other crops, have been wilting due to the protracted drought leaving farmers a worried lot in the district.

According to District Agriculture Development Office, the maize planted on 15,975 hectare land yielded 31,950 metric tonnes of maize last year. However, maize was not planted on 500 hectare land this year.

Preliminary estimates of the agriculture office showed that the district was about to produce corn 2, 290 metric tonnes less maize this year.

Gyanendra Adhikary, Horticulture Officer at district agro office said that the maize crop was estimated to incur a loss of around Rs 90 million this year.

Similarly, the production of the cardamom is sure to go down. Last year, 83 metric tonnes of cardamom was produced on 194 hectare land.

The agriculture office estimates that cardamom produce will go down by 12 metric tonnes this year.

Likewise, prolonged drought has also impacted the cultivation of vegetables.