Drug shortage in Gaur hospital

Rautahat, February 23

Rautahat District Hospital in Gaur is reeling under acute shortage of drugs. Patients visiting the hospital have been facing a hard time due to the lack of drugs.

Asha Sinha, who was bitten by a dog last week, was taken to the emergency ward of the hospital. Minu Sinha, her mother, however, said she had no option other than seeking treatment for her daughter at private health facility due to lack of drugs in the government hospital.

The hospital is supposed to provide 70 different types of medicines free of cost to patients. Hence, scores of patients have started heading towards Birgunj, Kathmandu and other Indian cities for treatment of even minor diseases, as per Ganesh Chaudhary, a local.

Meanwhile, hospital chief Krishna Sah said they had only 27 types of essential drugs in stock. “As the local levels are responsible for managing health facilities, we have held talks with the local level representatives to ensure supply of essential medicines at the earliest,” he said.