Birgunj, February 14 Parsa locals have been reeling under acute shortage of drugs as the District Public Health Office has not procured and supplied medicines in the district for the past six months. Health posts in rural areas of the district do not have the most essential drugs like paracetamol, jeevanjal, and iron capsules, among others. This has hit patients in urgent need of health care hard. In-charge at Biranjibar-based Health Post and Birthing Centre Kapil Dev Mishra said pregnant women and other patients visiting health posts in the district were mostly affected due to the drugs crunch. “Though we have informed the District Public Health Office and other authorities concerned about the drugs crisis, they have turned a blind eye,” Mishra said. Health workers said though they delivered health care service, they were unable to cure patients due to the drugs crunch. “Even anti-rabies vaccines are unavailable at  local health facilities,” they added. Health workers further stated that patients were compelled to reach Birgunj-based health facilities for anti-rabies vaccines. Though the health ministry had directed the district health office to provide anti-rabies vaccines to Narayani Sub-regional Hospital in Birgunj, Pokhariya Hospital and all health posts of the district, the decree has not been followed. “We are compelled to reach private clinics for vaccination and pay heftily,” said Ramekwal Sha of Mahuwan, Parsa. Spokesperson at Narayani Sub-regional Hospital Ramesh Chaudhary said as many as 500 people sought anti-rabies vaccines at the hospital each month. Meanwhile, Chief at District Public Health Office, Parsa. Rajkishwor Pandit said local health facilities in the district were reeling under drugs crunch due to delay in calling tender for buying medicines. “The problem will be resolved soon after completion of the tender process,” he assured.