Dy PM warns of disaster if summit talks postponed

Lalitpur, September 9 :

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health and Population Amik Sherchan said today that a horrible mishap is imminent in the country should the summit talks between the Maoists and the government be postponed.

DPM Sherchan said this in connection to Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s statement that the summit talks would not be conducted without doing proper ground works.

He said this while talking to the media after inaugurating a blood donation programme organised to mark the fifth convention of the Lalitpur Jyapu Samaj here today. He said the Council of Ministers had issued an instruction to the government talks team to make arrangements for the summit talks at the earliest.

DPM Sherchan added, “I do not have any idea where the issue of postponing the summit talks came from right after the instructions of the Council of Ministers.”

Stating that issuance of differing statements after reaching into a formal decision could cause confusions, DPM Sherchan noted that the government, while performing its tasks, should remain alert against the regressive elements trying to disrupt the peace talks. He said all issues including weapons and armies would be determined collectively following the political settlement.

Those trying to put off the procedure to restore peace should be held responsible for the emerging consequences, he said.

DPM Sherchan said the bill related to Health has already been presented before the House of Representatives to resolve the ongoing crisis in the health sector of the country.