Itahari, June 1:

Chief of the Kirat Peoples’ Government and Maoist central member, Gopal Khambu, today said the new constitution should give right to each citizen of Nepal to own a gun.

He also said other political parties were making them difficult to come to the cities.

Speaking at a mass meet in Itahari today, Khambu said: “If we organise any programme in the city, the government will say it is violation of code of conduct.”

He also warned the political

parties that their existence would cease if they delayed to go for a constituent assembly.

Conspirations are being hatched on national and international levels to support the monarch and hamper the achievement of the Jana Andolan, he said.

Khambu said taking up arms is the means and not ends for the Maoists. There should be equal participation of all sides in the new constitution, he said.

Maoists will stop collecting donations if the government provides 50 per cent of the budget allocated to the Nepali Army to the Maoists to keep the Peoples’ Liberation Army, he said.