EC finalises schedule for municipal elections

Kathmandu, November 23:

The Election Commission has approved the programme schedule for nomination of candidates, publication of the final list of candidates and distribution of the election symbol for the municipality elections scheduled for February 8, 2006.

The Commission meeting today approved January 26 as the day for nomination of candidates and publication of the final list of the candidates and distribution of the election symbol on the 29th of January.

Registration of the candidature, claim and protests, withdrawal of nomination and announcement of the final list will be held in between 26th and 29th of January.

The election symbols to be received by the candidates will soon be published in the gazette.

According to the Commission spokesperson, Tejmuni Bajracharya, the Office of the Election Officer will open towards the end of this December and the Office will have the voter’s list published. A total of 72 parties have registered at the Commission for the election of which 39 parties have been approved so far. Of those applying for official registration, 18 are new parties.

Prior to this, a total of 128 parties had been registered during the general elections held in 2056 BS.