Educating Jhapa women thru campaign

JHAPA: Daughter-Daughter-in-law Literacy Campaign has allowed access to education for daughters and daughters-in-law at Goldhap in Jhapa.

Females from most households in the area have had easy access to education after the drive was launched. With growing popularity of the campaign, the number of daughters and daughters-in-law attending classes at Janajagriti Campus has gone up. Locals at Goldhap had established the campus on their own.

Tej Prasad Regmi, a local, said they had launched the campaign to educate females who would otherwise spend all their time doing household chores after getting married. “People deprive their daughters of education as girls are expected to become homemakers after getting married. We have initiated the drive to break this tradition,” said Regmi.

Janajagriti Campus Management Committee has arranged scholarships for the poor and needy ones to continue studies. Campus Chief Hari Sangraula said many daughters and daughters-in-law from indigenous, ethnic as well as backward communities are studying in the campus.

“People from other VDCs besides Goldhap have also been studying at the college. This campaign has sent out a positive message to many people,” Sangraula added.

He remarked that the literacy campaign was initiated to lessen domestic violence meted out against daughters-in-law over dowry and other issues. “Our only aim is to end the injustice that women have to face, whether they are daughters or daughters-in-law,”he added.

Most daughters and daughters-in-law at Goldhap are attending college every day and also doing household chores.

Sharmila Lamichhane, an eleventh grader, said that she had begun her higher studies at her family’s suggestion. “My husband advised me to continue studies, so I joined the campus,” she said.

Rama Bhandari, BEd second year student from Rajgadh VDC, expressed gratitude for the opportunity granted by the people of Goldhap. “I wouldn’t have the chance to study had they not established the campus,” Bhandari said.

Jhapa District Education Officer Dilliram Luintel said it was good to educate daughters and daughters-in-law. He asked other VDCs to emulate the campaign and apply it to their places.