Minister expresses discontent over establishment of new universities

CHITWAN: Minister for Education, Dhaniram Paudel, said disputes among the Tribhuvan University and other new universities surfaced as the new universities were established without consultation with the TU's stakeholders.

Addressing journalists at a press meet organised by the Press Centre Nepal in Chitwan on Friday, Education Minister Paudel said," Professors and staff of the TU were uninformed about establishment of new universities, which resulted into disputes till now."

He further said discussions among officials of the TU and new universities including the Chitwan-based Agriculture and Forestry University should be held to solve the issues.

Paudel also informed that the government was making preparations to bring a Higher Education Act to manage higher education in the country.

Minister Paudel viewed that technical education programmes provided by the Council for Technical education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) should be conducted under management of the government.