Election campaigns underway in districts

Sarlahi, March 21:

The cadres of Madhes cantered parties who used to grasp black flags in their hands are now busy in soliciting votes in favour of their parties holding colourful party flags. Altogether 149 parties as well as independent candidates are contesting from the six constituencies of the district. Among the contestants, three are former ministers and four are current legislators.

The Bardiya District Administration Office has urged all political parties and candidates to create a conducive environment for election. A press release issued by CDO Shiva Prasad Nepal said, “DAO has drawn its serious attention on the ongoing unruly activities such as threatening candidates and workers of other parties, hoisting party flags without the house owner’s consent, painting election symbols by political parties though Election Commission has banned it.

Such disrespect to the election code of conduct may the foil poll environment rather than support it.” People of Dipayal who were in India for different purposes have been returning to their homes to choose the right candidate by exercising their voting rights in the election. They were encouraged to make their trips to homes as they heard about attempts being made to develop the nation and to establish sustainable peace in the nation with the

concept of new structure through the election.

Intellectuals, teachers, businessmen and voters from Siraha have assumed that multi-party competition will take place in the election. They also said that maximum votes will go

to the party which builds New Nepal and gives freedom to the dalits.

The district has altogether 20 VDCs and around 67,000 voters have registered their names in the voting list. According to Tribhuvannagar-District Election Officer Bheshraj Rijal, necessary preparations for election were already completed in the district where 414 polling centres will be set up in 141 different locations. Issuing a press release, District Election Office-Gulariya urged all political leaders to abide by the election code of conduct.

In Parbat, the NC, UML, Janamorcha Nepal, CPN- Unified, Rastriya Janamorcha, CPN- ML have been energetically intensifying the poll campaigning in the district. In Panchthar, Speaker Subhas Chandra Nembang said, “The opportunity has now come in the country for sons and daughters of the general public to be president from the election process through election,” Nembang also said there was no alternative to attaining the mandate of the peaceful movement other than by election. In Ilam, the CPN-Maoist started removing graffiti for which Young Communist League has started works in Ilam Municipality. All graffiti and banners will be removed in the district, said YCL Chairman Shikhar.

CPN-UML had already removed them. But the CPN-Marxist has not made any initiative so far. In Melamchi (Sindhupalchowk), villagers are busy asking for votes.

They even neglected their cultivation, though it had rained after long drought.