A Nepali election commission staff arranges ballot boxes and other polling material Kathmandu, Nepal, Wednesday, May 3, 2017. Photo: AP

KATHMANDU: The election Commission is to be strict on the implementation of the election code of conducts in the upcoming federal and provincial elections.

The EC decided to be strict as code of conduct violation issues were largely reported during the first and second phase local polls.

Earlier, Chief Election Commissioner Dr Ayodhee Prasad Yadav has announced to implement stern policies to enforce the election code of conduct.

Election Commissioner Sudhir Kumar Shah today also said that most of the cases of violation of election code of conduct are from the government side.

He further added that government had transferred the EC secretary without pre-information to the Commission which shows that the government itself was main violators of election code of conduct.

Commissioner Shah added that the EC has provided some responsibly to the chief district officers to take action in the code of conduct violation cases in district levels.

Similarly, the observer's team will further assess on the election management, code of conduct implementation and other issues, he argued.

It is noted that two secretaries and 16 joint secretaries have been mobilized for monitoring in 136 local levels of eight districts in Province No. 2.