Election Commission warns RPP to not go against it

KATHMANDU: The Election Commission of Nepal on Wednesday warned Deputy Prime Minister Kamal Thapa's Rastriya Prajatantra Party not to speak or carry out any activities against it.

Issuing a statement, the ECN expressed concerns over the Rastriya Prajatantra Party's protest and its leaders' public statements against the ECN's decision to remove Hindu state and constitutional monarchy from the RPP's statute.

While making the decision, the ECN said, it was but carrying out its duties prescribed by Nepal's Constitution and laws.

In protest to the removal, the RPP leaders, including Thapa, have warned of pulling out of the government and boycotting the local level elections.

The Election Commission has been hurt by the activities like burning the Election Commission's decision and issuing a statement against it by the party led by a senior member of the government, EC Spokesperson Surya Prasad Sharma said in a statement.

"Expressing serious concern over the activities carried out to exert pressure not to work as per the law, Commission has drawn [RPP's] attention not to repeat such activities in the future," the statement read.