Election fever grips Bara district

Bara, August 27

Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal leader Pramananda Gupta of Kalaiya Sub-metropolitan City, Bara, is busy meeting voters and requesting them to vote for the party in the upcoming third round of civic polls scheduled to be held in Province 2 on September 18.

Gupta said he was a probable candidate for chairman in Ward No 18 of the sub-metropolis.

“I am sure voters of Ward No 18 will elect me for my honesty in politics and contribution to the social sector,” he said.

The RJP-N has been struggling for language, boundaries, and citizenship, among others.

The election fever has gripped the Tarai after the RJP-N decided to take part in the local level elections. All the political parties and their cadres are also motivated and are preparing for elections.

The candidate for chairman of Prasauni Rural Municipality from CPN-Maoist Centre Binod Prasad Rauniyar said election fever had gripped the Tarai. He claimed he would win the election and added that his party would be competing with the RJP-N.

Rauniyar had joined the CPN-MC after abandoning the Nepali Congress.

Similarly, the CPN-UML candidate for chairman of Ward No 16 Punya Dev Sah said that political parties and their cadres had been working hard to draw the attention of voters in different places. He added that they were facing problems due to the delayed polls in Province 2. “Elections ought to have been conducted simultaneously with other provinces,” he said.

Sah said the representatives in other provinces had already started development activities even as they were preparing for the polls.

The political parties registered with District Election Office, Bara, have been creating environment for election in the district.

The parties have made the chowks of the villages colourful with the banners of candidates with their photographs and the flags of parties.

The central members of the parties have reached the villages to inaugurate publicity offices and are also involved in election related activities.

Political parties said they would win the civic polls. The UML, CPN-MC, among others, have prepared their election manifesto including local level problems with possible solutions. There are 352,882 voters in Bara.