Election results of Dharan Sub-metropolis likely in a week

Sunsari, July 6

It is likely to take more than a week for final results of the local level elections in Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City to be declared. Earlier, vote counting in the sub-metropolis was started a day later and halted for three days before the process resumed this morning.

A total of 53,812 votes were cast in the election in the sub-metropolis, which comprises 20 wards. The results of vote counting in Wards 1 to 10 of the sub-metropolis have already been declared.

Of the total votes cast, counting of 18,000 votes was completed while the remaining around 35,000 were left to be counted.

Contrary to the claim by election officials that six different venues have been used for vote counting, only four vote counting centres are currently operational. “If vote counting goes at this pace, it will take a whole week for the final results to come out,” said CPN UML’s Sunsari district vice-chairperson Ramesh Basnet.

A dispute had erupted among leaders of Federal Socialist Forum Nepal and CPN-Maoist Centre during the vote count of Ward 9 and 10, on July 3, forcing the process to a halt for three days until Thursday morning. So far, Nepali Congress has won in six local units, while Madhesi Janadhikar Forum-Democratic has secured victory in two local units. UML and FSF-N have emerged victorious in one local unit each. NC has been elected to the top post in Inaruwa and Ramudhani Bhashi municipalities and four rural municipalities. Rajan Mehata and Jay Prakash Chaudhary from the party have been elected mayors in Inaruwa and Ramdhuni Bhashi municipalities respectively. NC’s Gafar Ansari Miya, Shree Prasad Yadav, Reyub Ansari and Lali Prasad Mehata have been elected for the post of chair in Hari Nagara Ruram Municipality, Gadhi, Koshi and Devangunj rural Municipalities respectively. MJF-D’s Bed Narayan Gachhadar has been elected mayor of Duhabi Municipality, while Raghu Nandan Chaudhary has clinched the top post in Barju Rural Municipality.

UML’s Nilam Khanal has won the mayoral post in Baraha Municipality, whereas FSDF’s Rajendra Prasad Yadav has clinched the top post of Bhokraha Rural Municipality.