Elections after forging unity, says Prime Minister Dahal

Jhapa, January 3

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal today said that the country would move ahead with polls after forging unity among the mountain, hills and plains.

Inaugurating the Paddy Super Zone in southern Baniyani VDC, Jhapa, today, PM Dahal said the country would be relieved of the prolonged political stalemate as extensive discussions were on among leaders and they would come up with a concrete plan on the polls within a few days. “It’s high time that we forge consensus among political parties, otherwise, we will face existential crisis,” he said.

He said the country would head towards sustainability and prosperity only if the parties rose above partisan interest. “I urge you all not to doubt that House proceedings will resume after consensus among party leaders,” said Dahal.

Dahal said the Prime Minister’s Agriculture Modernisation Project” was launched with the aim of making the country self-reliant in paddy production. “Development of the agriculture sector is the first requirement for economic revolution in the country,” he reiterated.

The concept of paddy super zone was developed with the aim of producing adequate paddy from Jhapa to feed all Nepali citizens within 10 years.

Meanwhile, Nepali Congress leader Krishna Prasad Sitaula said political stability could not be established in the country until the statute was effectively implemented.