End child marriage in Province 7: Governor Malla

DHANGADHI: Province 7 Governor Mohanraj Malla has called for the end of child marriage practice in the province.

Inaugurating a girls conference organised at Dhangadi on Friday, Governor Malla said that social ills such as ‘child marriage’, ‘Chhaupadi’, ‘Kammlari’ are practiced more in the province in comparison to other provinces and all should gather and put efforts to end such practices.

"The girls should also reject the parents attempt to get them married before the legal age,” Malla further said.

Malla also urged all the stakeholders to make the province child marriage-free.

He also expressed his concern over the increase of crime in the province and that the criminals are walking free while the authorities have been unable to arrest them.

Similarly, Province Assembly member Dilli Raj Pant said that children who get married before legal age are likely to lack suitable skills to lead their lives. This will negatively impact the family, health and society.

During the programme, other speakers also called for the end of child marriage in the province and to begin discussions on various reasons leading to child marriage and its prevention.