Erosion by river threat to cave

Tanahun, October 30

Erosion of the Madi river has been posing a threat to the Byas cave located near Damauli bazaar. The cave is important from religious, historical and archaeological points of view.

A flood in 2060 BS had swept away ten trees and cemented ladders around the cave, he said.

According to locals, the cave’s existence is in danger and the beauty around it is also diminishing. If the cave is not preserved on time, it will become a story, they said.

This cave has a long history and importance though it is small in size, said Neupane. There is a Gyan cave (cave for knowledge) under this and Dhyan cave (cave for meditation) over it, he informed.

According to elders, sage Bedbyas used to teach his disciples under the cave and used to climb up for meditation. Locals Kashinath Neupane, Premprakash Bhattarai, Priyanath Paudel and others had collected 40,000 rupees and prepared a documentary about the different activities of Bedbyas. The cave is famous nationally and internationally as tourists come to see the cave and worship Bedbyas every year, said Omnath (Ratebaba), who has been living in the cave for the last 22 years.

Following the risk of erosion, Tanahun folk have demanded that the government preserve the valuable items of the cave.