Erosion threatens hundreds of houses

Dulegaunda, July 26:

Erosion of the Seti river banks has threatened hundreds of houses in Dulegaunda and Khairenitar VDCs and a dozen government and private offices in Tanahun.

Several houses, government and non-government offices and private institutions are in serious threat due to the continued erosion of the river banks, chief of the Bhanubhakta Campus, Moti Prasad Poudel, said.

“River has eroded five ropanis of land of the Bhanubhakta campus,” Poudel said. “If the river banks are not strengthened quickly, the campus building may be swept away soon,” he added.The erosion may affect 6,000 people of Dhorfirdi, Bhimad and Bhanumati VDCs as the suspension bridge linking Bhawar at Bhimad VDC and Dobhan at Khairenitar VDC is in danger due to the erosion, a local of Khairenitar Mukti Timilsina said. “The river has already swept away 20 metres of land,” he said.