Estranged wife makes her way into CA

Pokhara, May 4:

Krishna Kumari Pariyar who kept her family of five by stitching clothes is now the Constituent Assembly member from Kaski district after the Nepali Congress endorsed her name for the proportionate representation candidate.

For the past three years Pariyar has been raising a son and three daughters all by herself after her husband, Indra Bahadur Pariyar, turned her out of the house for choosing politics

over a housewife’s life.Krishna Kumari was selected as a CA candidate over three other

rivals — Anand Raj Mulmi, Dil Shobha Gurung and Deepak Bahadur Gurung.

Thrown out by her husband after 20 years into the marriage, Krishna Kumari, 45, rented a

place in Shantipatan of Pokhara for Rs 2,500 a month.

Educated till only Class IV she stiched clothes in the mornings and evenings and worked as a party cadre in the daytime. Stitching clothes brought her Rs 4,000 per month with which she paid rent and fed herself and her children. Talking to this daily, Krishna Kumari said, “Since a very young age I was drawn to politics. My father Ganesh Bahadur Pariyar was a politically active person and I inherited this trait from him.”

She said she was gratified that the party chose her to be its PR member in the CA. “The memory of whatever I suffered has been erased by the joy of success,” she beamed and added that her first priority would be to rent a house in Kathmandu.

Krishna Kumari, who is also the chairperson of Kaski Dalit Association, said she would work for the uplift of women and Dalits.

When the NC split she joined the NC-Democratic and today, when she reached the NC district office here the welcome by party leaders and cadres drove away all the pain that she had been feeling all these years. Meanwhile, her former husband Indra Bahadur drives a taxi for a living and stays with his mother and sister in Lakeside here.