EU team on poll mission leaving City for monitoring

Kathmandu, April 3:

Forty-four short-term election observers from the European Union are leaving the capital for the districts tomorrow to observe the April 10 Constituent Assembly election, the union’s office in Nepal said in a press release today.

The union has said 13 short-term local observers have been recruited from the embassies of EU member states for the election. The total number of short-term observers will reach 70 after a delegation from the European Parliament arrives here next week.

Chief of the observers’ mission Jan Mulder, a Dutch member of the European Parliament, said the mission is closely watching the security situation in the country. He added that

the presence of observers in large numbers all over the country will contribute to a

more peaceful environment and greater confidence in the election.

The release stated that the short-term observers will be deployed throughout the country in two teams only after an extensive briefing from the core team in Kathmandu.

Before holding meetings with election stakeholders in their area of deployment, the

short-term observers are supposed to attend a regional briefing with long-term observers already in the field. They will observe the voting in polling stations and the beginning of vote counting across the country.

The assessment of the election will be presented two days after the Election Day at a press meet in Kathmandu.