A Sherpa climber died while carrying loads from the base camp to Camp I on Mt Everest early this morning, a source at the base camp confirmed.

Nima Tenji Sherpa from Waku, Solukhumbu, breathed his last in the treacherous icefall section below Camp I at around 4:00am when he was carrying loads of the foreign climbers to the high camp, source added.

Nima Tenji was part of the expedition run by International Mountain Guides. At least 11 high altitude workers from IMG were carrying loads when the incident occurred.

The reason behind his death is still unknown, source said adding that his lifeless body was brought down to the base camp.

More than 250 foreign climbers along with their support staff will be attempting to climb the world's highest peak this season. Icefall doctors have already opened a route from the base camp to Camp II.

Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee has recommended operators, climbers and high altitude mountain workers strictly exercise the following safety precautions: 1)have only one climber on any ladder at any given time; 2) lighten and limit loads carried by individual high altitude mountain workers so as not to overload the ladders; and 3) strictly adhere to safety measures such as clipping harnesses to safety ropes while on ladders.