Ex-local reps yet to account for Rs 5.5 million

Itahari, November 29:

A sum of over Rs 5.5 million withdrawn in advance in the past from the District Development Committee by elected local representatives has remained unaccounted in Sunsari district.

Local Development Officer Guru Prasad Subedi said the DDC has been facing problem due to the unaccounted money. “We have initiated process for recovering the unaccounted money withdrawn by various persons and organisations,” Subedi said.

He said a former DDC chairman has not yet submitted account for Rs 438,000 he had withdrawn as advance. Likewise, 52 organisations have not submitted the account for the money they had withdrawn in the range of Rs 5000 to 100,000. Subedi said more than 31 local representatives who had withdrawn advance money have not submitted the account for the money.

Following a seven-party decision to recover the money from the ‘defaulters’, the DDC has sent notices to the persons and organisations concerned to submit the account for the money or return the cash. Subedi said, “Their names will be made public once the deadline expires.”

Subedi also said DDC does not have any account for over Rs 20 million, of which Rs 5.5 million has remained unaccounted in the names of former elected representatives.

Meanwhile, the Sunsari DDC today held a press meet and unveiled an ambitious budget scheme at the tune of Rs 858 million for the current fiscal year. The budget encompasses development schemes for handicapped people, women, children and indigenous nationalities.

The District Development Committee also envisages developing two VDCs as model areas within the district. These two VDC will be made plastic and lead free zones.

This fiscal year, 83 per cent of the budget will be spent on development while only 17 per cent will be allocated for administrative work in the district.