Ex-PM Khanal nays demand for single Madhes province

ILAM: CPN-UML senior leader Jhalanath Khanal has asserted that the demand for single province in the Tarai-Madhes region could not be addressed.

Inaugurating the 9th Village Assembly of UML's Shanitpur Village Committee in Ilam on Tuesday, leader Khanal further noted that although the government was positive towards addressing other genuine demands of the agitating parties, it would not be able to meet the demand that could lead the disintegration of the country.

"The demand to declare entire Madhes a single province is a conspiracy to disintegrate the country. Such a demand will never be addressed," the former Prime Minister further said.

Dismissing the Madhesi leaders' demand to redo electoral constituencies on the basis of population as inappropriate, Khanal argued that the constituencies should, on the other hand, fixed on the basis of geography.

He was of the opinion that although fellow countrymen were bearing the brunt of unofficial border blockade imposed by India, it will not dampen the spirit of Nepalis.

On the occasion, leader Khanal also inaugurated the new building belonging to Manav Sewa Club in the locality. He donated Rs 1.2 million from the Parliamentarian Development Fund, according to leader Khanal's personal secretary Krishna Bhattarai.