Experts lay stress on quality education

Kathmandu, October 15:

Education experts today underscored the importance of infrastructure development, training for teachers and introduction of continuous evaluation system in schools to ensure quality education.

Speaking about the mid-term review of the Education for All by 2015 programme, they said that the programme should focus on quality education rather than giving access to education only.

Ram Balak Singh, former joint secretary at the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) said the government should not focus only enrolment of students only. “Government has not focused on quality education,” he said.

He said access to education alone will never be a determinant of quality education. “The government strategy should consider changing curriculum, providing physical facilities and improving the learning environment of schools simultaneously to achieve quality education,” he said.

Tulasi Thapaliya, deputy director of National Centre for Educational Development (NCED) emphasised on the effective mechanism for continuous evaluation of the students for quality education.

“Since the examination is the ultimate indicator of effective teaching-learning practice, it should be more comprehensive and constructive rather than just judgemental for quality education,” he said.

Nira Shakya, under secretary of the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) defined quality education as need-based education.

“National enrolment of students itself is an achievement in obtaining our goal. We have realised the improvement of school infrastructure, effective teaching and continuous evaluation system,” she said.