Experts monitor health facility at risk of landslip

Ramechhap, August 8

A team of experts from Urban Development and Building Construction Department Division Office, Ramechhap, visited Khimti Primary Health Centre in the district to inspect its building today. The health centre building faces high risk of landslide.

The team reached the health centre after mud started flowing from surrounding areas posing risk to the building, which was recently built.

The team also monitored the surrounding risky areas. Earlier, Chief District Officer Krishna Prasad Sharma had also inspected the area.

The team lead by Chief of Health Building Unit Himal KC took stock of the situation to take necessary steps to protect the health facility from possible disaster.

The team advised using bamboo fences and sand sacks to obstruct the flowing mud and prevent possible damage.

Meanwhile, Urban Development and Building Construction Department Division Office Ramechhap Chief Parikchhit Kadariya has directed that no service be operated from the building.

According to Kadariya, it had taken around six years and Rs 3.39 million to build the health facility.