Experts plead for inclusion of green rights in statute

KATHMANDU: Environmental experts today urged the constitution assembly committee on fundamental rights and directive principles to

ensure environmental rights as the fundamental right in the new


“The interim constitution has, for the first time, stated that every citizen shall have the right to live in a clean environment. It should, however, be noted that the environmental condition is degrading day by day. The new constitution should guarantee healthy environment,” said Narayan Belbase, country representative, International Union for Nature Conservation.

“The fundamental duties of the citizen should be clearly stated in the new constitution along with fundamental rights so that each individual could be aware about environmental issues,” added Belbase.

Binda Pande, chairman, CA committee on fundamental rights and directive principles, assured that environmental issues would be taken seriously.

Experts also said individuals should be responsible to conserve the environment since strict rules alone would not do the job.