Jajarkot May 11

A team of experts from National Nature Conservation Trust reached Dolpa and Jumla to conduct a study on endangered wildlife, herbs, and religious and touristic places in the districts.

According to team Coordinator Birendra Basnet, the Ministry of Forest and Environment mobilised the team for the study of endangered species of wildlife and discovery of potential tourism places in Dolpa, Jumla and Jajarkot as well. The team comprises sociologists, wildlife experts, botanists, and tourism and culture experts.

Besides onsite visits, the experts’ team will hold discussion and interaction with local governments, civil societies and the public to collect information on pressing issues facing the districts. Due to lack of investment and research on natural resources in Karnali, development potential here is yet to be unlocked. The team will identify special areas for conservation and protection.

Minister of Forests and Environment Shakti Bahadur Basnet said Karnali was a goldmine, which could be utilised for development of the region.

He added that capitalising on the resources of Karnali would change its identity by freeing the region from the clutches of poverty and backwardness.

Minister Basnet also stressed the need to invest in development of the region.