Explosives sought to expand road

Chitwan, April 16

The contracting company working on the Narayangadh-Muglin road expansion project in Chitwan has demanded that it be allowed to use explosives to break certain rocky parts of the road section.

Supreme Rautaha JV, the contracting company, said it had been extremely difficult to break 80 square metres of rocks in an area close to Muglin with the equipment they were permitted to use. Project engineer Shiva Khanal said the company had asked to be allowed to use explosives to break the rocks in that part. The road section at the site is only 5.5 metres wide, and needs to be widened to nine metres.

The Department of Roads can give permission to allow the use of explosives in coordination with security agencies if experts determine that it is not risky.  Engineer Khanal said, “There has to be a proper risk-assessment. Using explosives could cause the entire hill to crumble, or result in dry landslides. It could stop vehicular movement and the debris from the hill could clog the Trishuli River.”

The contracting company has said that it would not be able to complete the project on time if it was not allowed to use explosives.