Nepal | January 20, 2020

Export of medicinal herbs to India still on hold

Rastriya Samachar Samiti

BANKE: The export of Nepali herbs ‘jadibuti‘ which has been put on hold for the past one year due to Indian plant quarantine, has yet to resume.

Last month, the Government of India had issued a new list of herbs to be imported from foreign countries, opening a path for exporting herbal plants from different countries. However, its implementation is yet to take place creating difficulties for local entrepreneurs to export their herbs.

Chairperson of Herbal Entrepreneurs Association, Banke, Rajesh Jain said that the export has been disrupted as the Indian plant quarantine office based in Rupediya has not sent a letter to open the export as per the new list prepared by the Indian government.

However, the list issued on October 1 by the Indian government had explicitly stated that it would come into effect from the date of the publication.

“The Indian government has added 122 types of herbs in its updated list,” said Ahmad Guddu, Indian entrepreneur, adding that the updated list has included several herbal products of Nepal, including Pakhanved, Satabar, Amala, Padamchal, Chiraito, Kamalved, Kaladana, Ritha, and Timur.

Around 15,000 tonnes of herbs have already been piled up in stores due to export obstruction on the part of the Indian quarantine.

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