Factories facing hard time due to shortage of water

Rajbiraj, October 28

Factories running from the Gajendra Narayan Singh Industrial Estate in Saptari’s Rupani Rural Municipality-5 are facing a hard time to operate due to lack of water.

Of the total 10 industrial sheds in the industrial estate, only three are occupied. Milan Dairy Industry, Koshi Polymers Industry and Mahalaxmi Paints are running from the sheds. But due to water crisis, the industries facing difficulties in smooth operation.

Milan Dairy Industry operator Milan Singh blamed the Industrial Area Management Limited for the crisis. “We had faced similar crisis about two years back, and we had managed by ferrying water in tankers from elsewhere. The crisis appeared again this April but the industrial area management hasn’t done anything to resolve the crisis so far,” he said, bemoaning the loss incurred by transportation of water from outside.

Koshi Polymers proprietor Pramesh Yadav also talked about the problem they were facing. “In fact, there is another secondary water boring facility, but as the water from the boring is murky, it poses the risk for machines,” he said, adding they would have no option but to close the industry.

Industrial Area Management Office chief Dipak Acharya said attempts were on to repair the dysfunctional water boring facility.