Gaighat, July 21:

The padlocking at Udaypur Cement Factory was called off today after the factory management and workers’ union reached an agreement.

The Maoist-aligned All Nepal Trade Union Federation (ANTUF) had padlocked the factory for indefinite period yesterday stating that the implementation of government’s decision to give permanent appointment to daily wage workers was being delayed.

The padlock was opened after the management agreed to initiate the process of giving permanent appointment to the workers within a week, central member of the ANTUF, Ghanashyam Thakuri, said.

According to Thakuri, the agreement to give the permanent appointment to daily wage and temporary workers within 15 days was reached between different workers’ unions and factory management on June 8. The Maoist-aligned trade union said the workers and employees were compelled to go on strike, as the management was not paying attention to initiate the process even after over one month had passed since the decision was taken by the government to give permanent appointments to the workers.