Failure of agitation will plunge country into violence, warns SP Chair Rajendra Mahato

Rajbiraj, January 21

Sadbhawana Party Chairman Rajendra Mahato today said the ongoing Tarai agitation was for national integrity and nationality.

Addressing his party’s programme in Saptari headquarters Rajbiraj, Rajendra Mahato urged the major parties the NC, UML and UCPN-Maoist to meet their demands as fulfilling them would help to keep national unity and integrity intact.

Mahato argued that if the ongoing peaceful agitation failed, the country would plunge into violence. “If the current peaceful agitation fails, the country is sure to plunge into violence,” Mahato warned.

He claimed that failure to address their demands would boost the confidence of secessionists, who have been seeking a separate Madhes province.

Mahato stated that negligence on the part of the three major parties to resolve the Tarai crisis would invite a serious disaster.

If United Democratic Madhesi Front’s demands are not met after months of agitation, the leadership of three major parties will have to take responsibility for possible repercussions,” Mahato said.

He warned that UDMF would intensify its protest if the major parties displayed apathy in resolving the crisis.

On a different note, Mahato accused the government of staging a farce in the name of talks just to weaken their agitation. “The talks held just for weakening the agitation are meaningless,” Mahato said.

Noting that secessionists were preparing to fight for separate Madhes and Tharuhat states, Mahato urged the government and major parties to be serious about settling the crisis pronto.

Mahato informed that UDMF would hold its meeting immediately and announce fresh protest programmes. He directed the party rank and file to be prepared for the final and decisive agitation.