Fake documents used to transfer ownership of land in Udaypur

Gaighat, June 23

It has come to surface that land owned by a person was transferred in other persons’ names from Land Revenue Office, Katari, Udayapur, on the basis of fake documents.

Bhakta Bahadur Thakuri of Rupatar in Tapli Rural Municipality-5 came to know just three days ago that 12 ropani five anna land owned by him was transferred to others’ names by preparing fake documents. “My land was registered in someone else’s name in nexus with employees of Land Revenue Office,” Thakuri said. The record at the office shows that Thakuri’s land located in Rupatar has been transferred to Prakash Singh, Prabin Kumar Singh and Harihar Singh Thakuri of Kathmandu metropolis-4. They are sons of former District Panchayat Udayapur President late Bhakta Bahadur Singh Thakuri.

Land Revenue Office, Katari, had transferred the land in the names of Singh Thakuri’s sons on the basis of the recommendation that deceased Bhakta Bahadur Singh Thakuri and Bhakta Bahadur are the names of same person.

Victim’s relative Arjun Rashkoti said that three brothers had got the recommendation from Kathmandu metropolis stating that Thakuri’s grandfather Nar Bahadur and deceased Singh Thakuri’s grandfather Junga Bahadur was the same person and had the land transferred to their names from Land Revenue Office, Katari, on April 9, 2018. Rashkoti said that when the victim asked for the documents presented by the three brothers to transfer the land in their names with the land revenue office chief, the chief assured him of returning the land. “The employees at the land revenue office have pledged to return the land. They admitted their mistake and asked us not to make it public,” Rashkoti said.

Acting chief at land revenue office Shantiram Aryal said all the documents were legal and they had transferred the land on the basis of documents.

Late Bhakta Bahadur Singh Thakuri was involved in politics in Udayapur for a long time. After the establishment of democracy, Singh Thakuri became active in politics from the royalist party.