Families of children drowned during excursion to get Rs 6 lakh each in Khotang

KHOTANG: The Diktel Technical Institute has agreed to provide Rs 600,000 to each family losing children during an educational excursion.

Elis Basnet (19) and Bikram Bhattarai, both the residents of Khalle in Diktel area of Rupakot Majhuwagadhi Municipality-4 had drowned in Sapsu River on Saturday while they were on an excursion conducted by the Institute.

The agreement to this was made between the promoters of the Institute and relatives of concerned families during a discussion held at District Administration Office on Sunday evening, said Chief District Officer, Bishnuhari Upadhyay.

Each family would get Rs 50,000 immediately and remaining amount within two weeks.

The bereaved families agreed to receive the bodies after the agreement, according to the administration.

The District Police Office said the investigation found that Bhattarai had drowned first, then his friend Basnet who tried to rescue him but he too perished.

Diktel Majhuwagadhi Municipality will hold a condolences gathering, according to Alis' material uncle, Binod Basnet.

Earlier, the relatives of the students had held a demonstration on Sunday, demanding relief to the bereaved families.