Families of Trishuli bus accident victims still waiting for information

Chitwan, September 1

Though days have passed since the tragic accident in Chitwan that claimed 25 lives, family members of the persons who went missing in the accident haven’t given up hope of finding the bodies of their kin.

According to sources at DPO of Chitwan, ten applications have been filed with the DPO seeking the status of their relatives.

Twenty-one people had died on the spot and one during treatment after a bus bound for Pokhara from Gaur, Rautahat ,veered off the road at Kalikhola in Chandibhanjyang along the Narayangadh-Muglin road section, Chitwan last Friday.

Of the 13 persons missing in the accident, the bodies of three were recently found. The whereabouts of 10 others are still unknown.

The week-long wait for information is testing the patience of the kin of the missing, a few of them have even started carrying out the final rites of their missing relatives presuming them dead.

According to kin of Dipendra Sah of Jhunkhunawa, Rautahat, one of the missing persons, they will carry out his final rites if his body is not found by tomorrow. “We haven’t conducted the rites as we still have hope. But, we’re planning to start the rites if his body is not found till tomorrow,” said Dipendra’s brother Jitendra.

Jitendra returned home yesterday after a six-day search for his missing brother.

Meanwhile, Rajib Kumar Singh’s family in Sudama-8, Sarlahi, has carried out his last rites after his bag and identity bearing document were retrieved. “We waited for days, but as his body was not found, we carried out his rites yesterday assuming him dead after we received his bag and an identity-bearing document from police,” said Rajib’s kin.

Similarly, family members of Rakesh Kumar Gupta, 29, of Raxaul, India, have been searching for his body.

DPO, Chitwan DSP Deepak Shrestha said police are doing their best to retrieve the bodies and hand them over to the kin for final rites.