BIRATNAGAR: An unidentified group has routinely threatened a family of Jante VDC -1 in Morang. The family, which is living in constant fear, is about to be displaced from their village.

Baljit Limbu, head of the family, said that the unidentified group has been demanding money from them. Baljit's son Ombikram has already been displaced from the house as he received frequent threats. Om Bikram, who is a student of the local City Community College in Baltimore USA, has arrived home on a two-and-half-month leave.

Baljit is at home, though. He has sent his son away due to the frequent threat of the gang. Baljit has informed about the treat to the police. Meanwhile, Ombikram, who is spending his sleepless nights in Biratnagar, after being displaced from home, has urged the Biratnagar-based journalists to create an environment for him to return home.