Far-West widows struggling to claim spouses’ fortunes

BAJURA: As if the death of their husbands was not painful enough, single women of the Far-West Region are struggling to claim the property after the spouses’ death.

Dammara Devi Badela, widow of Yagraj Badela from Attariya Municipality of Kailali, also shares the same tragedy. Being deprived of their rights, Badela and her four children are compelled to work as labourers for hand-to-mouth survival.

Likewise, Rukma Devi Luwar of Malakheti-3, Kailali shared her woes of bringing up a child on her own, after being deprived of her deceased husband’s property.

Mina Shah of Tikapur-8 and Sakuntala Karki of Tikapur-7 have also filed cases at the District Court. But, their story is not so different as well.

The legal entities of the nation shared that cases of single women claiming their property rights were filed time and again; it is very normal.

However, they are not provided with their proper rights because of various reasons, Single Women Regional Association’s Far West Coordinator Bed Awasthi said.

Though many governmental and non-governmental organisations have initiated programmes for the welfare of single women, situations of the single women have not changed much, the activists commented.

It has also been learned that much of the budget from the district development committees, municipalities, village development committees and other INGOs is spent for the single women, with less or no results at all.