Fare row: Traffic disrupted

Sindhupalchowk, June 28:

A row between transporters and passengers brought traffic to a standstill on Lamidanda-Melamchi road today.

Passengers and locals halted traffic, saying the Helambu Transport Service Committee charged fares more than the fares approved by the Department of Transport Management.

Locals said the fare set by the DTM did not exceed Rs 106 for the 70-km Kathmandu-Melamchi route.

Vehicular movement was halted following a dispute between a bus conductor and passengers in Bahunepati VDC, locals said. Transport workers, however, accused the passengers of mistreating the conductor. Prakash Dahal of Melamchi said locals had halted traffic for five hours yesterday as well.

“We hiked the fare by 27 per cent, as mandated by the government,” HTSC chairman Krishna Bhakta Shrestha said, adding, “We are collecting Rs 136 fare on the route while the earlier fare was Rs 107.”