Farmers bear loss of over Rs 100 million after maize crop fails

BIRGUNJ: Farmers in Bara district have incurred losses upto Rs 107.38 million after the winter maize cultivated by them failed to bear grains.

According to the District Agricultural Development Office, maize production has decreased by around 50 per cent this year after the crop cultivated in October did not bear grains due to the cold wave.

Senior Agriculture Development Officer Shiva Ratna Shah said that the winter maize crop was cultivated on 13,595 hectares of land in the district this year and the production was 53,020.5 metric tonnes.

A total of 84,089 metric tonnes of maize was produced from maize crop grown on 13,595 hectares of land last year. It was reduced by 31,269 metric tonnes this year as compared to the previous year. More than 12,000 farmers in the district have been hit hard due to this.

Information Officer at the Office, Rajbanshi Prasad Chaurasiya, said that letter has been sent to the centre to provide compensation to the farmers who have lost their crop.