Feat in water draws thousands in Birgunj

Birgunj, November 12:

Dhruv Prasad Yadav, 45, of Bairiya Birta VDC in Parsa district today amazed everyone here by staying afloat for over three hours in seven-feet deep water with his hands and feet tied.

He claimed that it was due to spiritual power and faith in the divinity that he did not sink or drown. A trussed up Yadav kept floating in the pond from 11am to 2pm.

Thousands thronged the site to witness the spectacle. Superintendent of police Jay Bahadur Chand, who inaugurated the spectacle, described Yadav as a man of unique talent.

Yadav, a retired schoolteacher, told this daily after the event that for the last 12 years he has been practising floating in the Tilabe river near his house with his hands and feet tied.

He added that he was inspired to do so after hearing of some people doing the same in other countries. Speaking on the occasion, parliamentarian Ajay Chaurasia urged the media to highlight Yadav’s feat.