Yadav pledges to continue struggle after elections

Rajbiraj, December 12

Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Chairperson Upendra Yadav, who won the parliamentary election from Saptari-2, today said the recent provincial and parliamentary elections had ended the country’s political transition.

“Now is the time to expedite the struggle for rights and development,” said Yadav.

Addressing a victory rally carried out by the Madhes alliance in Rajbiraj of Saptari today, Yadav said the country had passed through the transition period and entered another phase after the success of elections. “However, we have to struggle to strengthen the rights of the Madhes community along with developmental activities,” said Yadav.

He was of the opinion that though the country had entered the federal structure, the government was yet to manage necessary resources and delegate authority to the local levels. He argued that only eight districts of the Tarai were not in the Madhes and said that conspiracies were hatched to weaken the 22 districts of Madhes. He also said they would struggle for state restructuring as per the 10 autonomous provinces recommended by the State Restructuring Commission.

He said that Province 2 would be declared Madhes Province and claimed that Madhes Province would have ownership of various natural resources across the country. “We won’t remain mum rather we will keep raising our voices to bolster the Madhes community and other marginalised communities,” said Yadav.

He pledged that they would be struggling for identity and proportional representation of the Madhes, ethnic nationalities, Tharu, Muslim and other marginalised communities in the days to come. The FSF-N Chair said they would work for the welfare of the people in such a way that poverty, unemployment and discrimination would end.