Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Party announces elections manifesto

BIRGUNJ: The Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Party on Thursday announced its election manifest amid a special programme in Birgunj.

Organising a press meet at a local hotel in the Metropolis today, FSF-N Chairman Upendra Yadav said party has decided to take part in the local polls to safeguard people's right to vote in the election.

"We are taking part in the local polls does not mean we are deviating from our agendas, we will organise protest programmes after the elections as demands put forth my Madhesi people have not been heeded,". Chairman Yadav warned.

"Madhesi people demands are of national interest, it should have been addressed through constitution amendment bill, however, conspiracy have been hatched to foil it," Yadav lamented.

He also said the top political leaders have accepted the fact that there are some errors in the constitution during the time of promulgation.

"The Constitution would be scrapped for sure, if it fails to be amended or rewritten," Yadav warned.

Former Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav also said the Federal Socialist Forum Nepal Party has field capable and visionary leaders for the transformation of Birgunj Metropolitan City into one of the most vibrant cities in South Asia.

On the occasion, leader Yadav said party has decided to field Vijaya Sarabagi as mayor and Pinky Yadav as deputy mayor of the metropolis today.

Leader Yadav also said the party wouldn't let any stone unturned, for an industrial and centre for Madhes agitation, for the development of the city and would support people's sentiment in making Birgunj as the provincial capital in the region.