FSF-N decides not to accept amendment bill

Kathmandu, January 21

Upendra Yadav-led Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal decided not to accept the constitution amendment bill if it was not revised.

The government has tabled the bill in the Parliament but opposition parties led by the CPN-UML, the main opposition, continue to obstruct House proceedings over the bill.

The FSF-N issued a press release saying the bill ignored the 26-point demand submitted to the government by the Federal Alliance.

The party said it would accept the bill only if it was revised with the consent of the agitating forces. This decision was taken by a meeting of the party’s Political Committee today. Party Chair Yadav told media persons after the meeting that the bill did not address the issues of federalism, inclusion, proportional inclusion and identity, and therefore, revision was needed in it. He said the bill would be meaningless if it failed to address the issues of the agitating forces. Yadav also said that his party had decided to seek unification with other like-minded parties. The party stated in its release that there was no alternative to unity between political forces with similar views on federalism, national identity, proportional inclusion, provincial autonomy, and equal rights for oppressed communities.

Madhesi Janadhikar Forum-Nepal, Federal Socialist Party and Khas Inclusive National Party merged last year to create Federal Socialist Forum Nepal.

According to the release, FSF-N also decided to further expand the Federal Alliance. Concluding that proponents of identity based federalism and revolutionary forces should join hands to pursue their cause, the Political Committee of the FSF-N decided to collaborate with like-minded forces or enter an alliance with them. Stating that there was danger of counter-revolution, the FSF-N appealed to all change-seeking forces to join hands in their struggle.

FSF-N also rejected the report submitted by the Local Bodies Restructuring Commission to the government. The party said in its release that the LBRC's report was against the spirit of federalism, democratic values and norms. The party demanded that the report be repealed, saying it had not created autonomous areas, protected and special areas.

The party said the government fixed local bodies with the aim of continuing the rule of one ethnic group. It also demanded that village councils, municipalities, autonomous areas, protected and special areas be put under the jurisdiction of provinces. The party also said that the current appointment of 80 High Court judges violated the principle of proportional inclusion and harmed the dignity of independent judiciary.