Federalism was the governance system imagined by BP: NC Leader Poudel

POKHARA: Senior leader of the Nepali Congress Ram Chandra Poudel has said that federal democratic republic was the system of governance visualised for the country by late BP Koirala.

Speaking at a programme "BPs ideology in today's context" organised by BP Koirala Adhyayan Pratisthan in Pokhara on Tuesday, leader Poudel said that Nepali Congress had not left the path set by BP Koirala, and that the rights enjoyed by Singha Durbar had now reached the villages of the nation.

Stating that the constitution had been developed in favour of the people, and the political structure of the country had finally taken shape after 70 years, Poudel said, BP's socialist ideology — to provide justice to those who could not speak for themselves, and to provide employment to those who could — would be the agenda of the political party as well as the government.

He further stated, "Let us interlace ourselves with the people's wishes, and detect the weaknesses within the party." He said, the present working technique within the party would not foster BP's doctrine, and that the party had weakened due to its leadership.

"Honest and dedicated leaders and cadres of the party have been left behind and the party has been left weakened, it is imperative to draw attention towards this matter."

Likewise, leader Poudel drew the attention to the history of NC and the sacrifices made by the party pioneers in fighting for the rights of people. He said, NC leaders BP Koirala, Subarna Shamsher, Ganesh Man Singh, and Krishna Prasad Bhattarai carried the mission to guide the party on the path of people's welfare and against the forces that discouraged democracy, and that the party must walk on the same path set by them. "Even when they were in jail and were enduring difficulties, they had protected the party with self respect, we must never forget that."

He warned against those in the party who in recent times had risked democracy and the welfare of the nation. He further stressed that the NC had backed the republic system from the very beginning. In line with this, he said, "The main essence of the constitution is to put the people first and to focus on decentralisation of power."

Similarly, he said, since the country has found political stability, the people must now receive good governance. It is imperative for the government to move ahead with development, especially in sectors of agriculture, energy and tourism.