Feedback collection task cancelled in Dhanusha

JANAKPURDHAM: People's feedback collection task on the preliminary draft of the new constitution has been cancelled in Dhanusha district.

A joint meeting held today between the District Security Committee, Dhanusha, and lawmakers from the district took the decision in this regard. A programme was scheduled to collect people's feedback at different constituencies in the district today.

Chief District Officer Kali Prasad Parajuli said that all programmes related to feedback collection were cancelled after clash took place between police and demonstrators at different feedback collection centres in the district on Monday.

Parajuli further said that people could give their feedback regarding draft constitution by using alternative medium like telephone, email and fax.

While emerging out from the meeting, lawmaker from the UCPN (Maoist), Ram Singh Yadav, said that the feedback collection task was cancelled due to Monday's unfavourable situation in the district. It was cancelled till next direction of the Constituent Assembly (CA), he added.

District chairman of different political parties, lawmakers and chiefs of three security bodies were present in the meeting.

Similarly, clash has also taken place between demonstrators and police at different thoroughfares today. Police have taken some six demonstrators under control in the incident. Police had opened teargas to bring the situation under control, it is learnt.